This week I had the opportunity to visit one of the most important Odessa fashion event-Fashion Fryday! I’m glad I could find time for such an amazing and colorful evening!

I was feeling good wearing my beloved boho. I was even suitable for this evening’s New Year decoration!

With me my beloved bagpack ZARA, bought this summer in Milan ,and WINDORSMITH shoes, but I’ll tell you more about them!

LIBRO Dry a great beauty salon, with an original modern design.

You can make it a family activity. While the mother is having all the beauty procedures, the dad can have a cup of good tea in the bar, reading an interesting book, and the kids can have a great time in the children’s room. Everybody’s busy and enjoys it! I learned that you have have different beauty procedures here, there are procedures for men, women and also you can get discount or promo! You real want to be cback there!

Lets return to the event itself : The event was embellished by the winter collection by Natali Bulgar. Beautiful silhouettes were bathing in a lot of red color. The models were looking very elegant, and I can’t help but notice their beautiful hairstyles. The looks were completed by the accessories from an ukranian designer from Odessa, Irina Gagauz.

Each of us had the amazing opportunity to learn about the seasons’ trends. The fashion expert Galina Moskvina shared information about style and new trends.

The evening was running in a cozy atmosphere and new interesting acquaintances ! I found it very useful for myself!

Sincerely, Irina Shablii.

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